Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'ma Trippin' Stumblin' Fumblin' soo Clumsy

I'm tripping and fumbling, not because I'm in love but because I'm clumsy. omg...on Monday, Jessica and I took the tram to Schenttentor to get our semester passes for the buses, metro, etc. I wasn't holding on to anything I was just leaning on the bar. The tram made a sharp turn and BAM! I crashed into 4 people. I'm not execrating I literally flew into 4 people. It was so embarrassing, I wish I had a picture to so just how mortifying it was.

My streak of clumsyness hasn't dwindled as the week wore on. Earlier on the U6 I almost smashed into a woman as I was trying to sit down. I was like an inch from headbutting her. Thank god, I didn't. But on the upside, Jessica and I went to Cafe Central. It was really amazing. The place was decked out in gold and plush red seats. They had a buffet of cakes too along the back. We had tea and cake, I ordered the one above. It was absolutely delicious, not too sweet and nice and chocolately. This one is the one Jessica ordered. The description for this dessert was raspberries and grits, hahahaha.

Afterwards, we wandered around the 1st district. We stumbled into the Universitätskirche, which we saw on our guided tour on Friday. BOKU took us all around the 1st district, we saw lots of churches and the Hofburg again. We also got a little history and in depth peek into downtown Vienna. It was so fast that I have no idea how we stumbled on to that church again today.

Anyways back to Friday, the best part was BOKU took us to a Heuriger, which is a traditional Austrian tavern. I met so many people and had the most amazing white wine there. I met people from all over the place, Poland, Trinidad and Tobago, Canada, France, Australia, and Greece. I also went to an international gathering on Saturday with Jessica, Ally (Cornell), Stephanie (Belgium), and Eva (Poland?). We were going to see Francesca, Jessica's old roommate, she was heading back home to Rome.

yup, that was my week. Oh, I did laundry today, which is a giant hassle because my clothes are still wet and I wasted like 2 euros trying to dry my clothes. My pants are still wet *sadness* I only have one pair of jeans left and my sweatpants. All right that's all folks.

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