Tuesday, March 10, 2009


My clumsy streak just got worse. I was taking the bus back to my dorm and I was trying to get to the button to tell the driver to stop, but I didn't make it. I fell backwards and this very cute Greek guy caught me! I think he goes to my school? oooy, how embarrassing!

This weekend I went to the Belevedre, which is an art museum this weekend. It was very neat! They had a special showing of Alfons Mucha, who is a famous an Art Noveau artist and well known for his posters. They also had a contemporary gallery on ornamentation inspired by an essay by Adolf Loos. Some of the stuff was so funky, there was a bean bag display of 10 bean bags in all sorts of colors and patterns. I wish taken a picture, but the guard was there. I also really wanted to sit in them, but not sure if that was allowed.

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  1. Sorry to hear about the clumsiness. I like the picture there; it's the seasons?