Saturday, April 11, 2009

Belated Updates

I'm really, really times infinity sorry for not updating. March has disappeared into a whirl-wind of new friends, exploring, hiking, dancing, and the arrival of summer. Thinking back on the month, I can't believe how much I've seen and done: I've been to Wienerwald (Vienna forest) twice, gone on picnics, visited Leopoldsberg, rode the Prater wheel, went to IKEA (it was HUGE like a Sam's Club), went to the Naschmarkt and Flomarkt, dressed up as Claire Danes from Romeo and Juliet for an Italian themed party, danced till 5 am, had an international dinner and a Polish one, saw Romeo and Julia (ballet), climbed 343 steps of the Stephan's Dom, and had lots and lots of ice cream.

I still have a huge list of things to see and do in Vienna. Next on my list is seeing the Seegrotte, just outside of Vienna, and there's a needle?on the Danube or it might be on the other side that's suppose to be cool. I also need to go find some skates, so I can go blading on the Danube Insel. I'm going to invent Nordic Skating! hahaha it's a spoof off Nordic walking, which is what old ppl do with ski-like poles. So imagine that but with roller skates, cool huh?

yeah, but I'm currently recovery. I've been sleeping in till 12 and just reading on my floor's balcony. Oh, I'm on Easter break, which is most of April. I'm going to travel for part of break, next week I'm going to Hungary for 4 or 5 days. I'm also going to try to squeeze in a weekend trip somewhere and the remaining time I have, will be spent writing papers and organizing my life back in America. Yeah, of which might not even exist...I haven't heard back from the program I really wanted to get into, so I'm looking at other alternatives ie staying in Europe longer? I want to do more school, but I don't know. Nothing's definite, but suggestions and advice would be much appreciated.

ps: I updated pics on facebook

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  1. Christine - Hate to burst your bubble, but someone beat you to the punch by developing Nordic Blading. One of the pole manufacturers (and I can't remember which) makes extra-long poles suitable for a person's when made taller with rollerblades.

    Claire @ (und die Tochter einer Wienerrin)